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What is the best AI supported SEO plugins for WordPress?

In this guide called what is the best AI supported SEO plugins for WordPress, you will witness how SEO plugins create miracles with artificial intelligence. Frankly, there are so many plugins for WordPress SEO that we could not decide which one was the best. That’s why we leave the choice to you. Below you will […]
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In this guide called what is the best AI supported SEO plugins for WordPress, you will witness how SEO plugins create miracles with artificial intelligence. Frankly, there are so many plugins for WordPress SEO that we could not decide which one was the best. That’s why we leave the choice to you. Below you will find the best and most popular artificial intelligence powered WordPress SEO plugins. We share the explanations and details of all of them with you.

What is AI SEO? 

Any online firm that wants to succeed needs to invest heavily in search engine optimization, or SEO. The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools has transformed the way marketers approach SEO strategies with the advancement of technology.

Artificial Intelligence Search Engine Optimization (AI SEO) leverages machine learning algorithms and natural language processing to boost search engine ranks, optimize content for more organic traffic, and increase website visibility. With the use of artificial intelligence solutions for SEO, marketers may make well-informed decisions, expedite procedures, and maintain a competitive edge in the fiercely competitive online arena.

Digital marketing experts’ approach to SEO is being revolutionized by these AI-powered tools, which offer a comprehensive package of functions ranging from content generation and optimization to keyword research, competition analysis, and performance tracking. These tools simplify things by producing precise and useful advice while automating a variety of SEO activities, saving time and effort. Even if there are several well-known artificial intelligence SEO tools available, using them correctly is crucial.


Rank Math Content AI

The artificial intelligence tool is possibly something you have also observed if you are using the Rank Math SEO plugin. The first WordPress SEO plugin that makes advantage of artificial intelligence is called Rank Math Content. This tool helps users create better content ideas by providing them with dynamic suggestions based on the language and target country of the targeted keywords, as well as outstanding content length, titles, links, media, and clever keyword suggestions.

Saying that the Rank Math plugin has a lot more functions than Yoast SEO and All in One SEO plugin wouldn’t be incorrect. Rank Math offers all the capabilities found in other WordPress SEO plugins, along with additional features that are only accessible for a fee in Yoast SEO and All in One SEO plugins. Rank Math SEO is very basic and user-friendly. You may aid in improving the ranking of your websites by utilizing the rank math SEO plugin.

WordLift – AI powered SEO

The WordLift Plugin uses artificial intelligence to understand human language and recognize the categories of information and content that users are looking for. It improves the SEO of the article and creates complex content for web browsers.  It also offers SEO tips on how to raise the caliber of your content through a diagram. It achieves this by enhancing your content’s success by providing the right words, graphics, and links you can include.

The WordLift Plugin’s features include: 

  • It provides logical and trustworthy information to assist your writing process.
  • Enhances the text with links and excellent pictures
  • Provides readers with suggestions for pertinent content
  • This enables search engines to more effectively present and display your website because schema.org generates information that fits its framework.
  • It allows you to make a Wikipedia page only for yourself.
  • It can self-edit the content using the available data; it can create new web content intuitively using existing data; it publishes metadata so that your content can be shared, sold, or distributed in different environments for a fee; it offers a large number of image data for free use; and it has a content tagging feature for better search engine optimization.

Link Whisper

With the use of artificial intelligence technology, Link Whisper enables you to provide your viewers with relevant internal links that are optimized for search engines. While you are composing your article, Link Whisper instantly evaluates your website’s content and suggests only the most relevant links. You may easily add internal links to older posts with its assistance.

Link Whisper can be the answer you are seeking if you want to manage internal links more easily and successfully with artificial intelligence! Link Whisper comes as a free edition with certain features disabled. You can pay once for each site if you wish to access all of the features.

Pro Rank Tracker

With the use of Pro Rank Tracker, an AI-powered keyword tracking tool, marketers can monitor their websites’ search engine ranks. With the aid of historical data, comprehensive reports, and tracking of keyword positions across many search engines, this AI-powered SEO solution assists marketers in assessing their SEO performance and making well-informed optimization decisions.

Pro Rank Tracker, as its name implies, is another SEO tool that provides the most sophisticated reporting mechanism. The tool offers a WordPress plugin that lets you view your rating in the WordPress dashboard in addition to the mobile application that lets you check your ranking. Pro Rank Tracker not only keeps track of your rank but also suggests keywords for every URL When weighed against other SEO tools, PRT is the most reasonably priced ranking tracking tool. You can save your reports to Dropbox and G Drive and test this tool for free for seven days without providing credit card information.


An artificial intelligence tool for SEO called Ink AI helps produce outstanding content in a range of forms, including as eBooks, flipbooks, reports, and sales presentations. It also helps develop natural-sounding, first-rate content. The best aspect is that it can reduce the need for drawn-out writing, editing, or design procedures, which can save a ton of time.

INK is a platform for creating artificial intelligence material that is expressly made to be SEO-compatible, although Google and other platforms have severe policies surrounding this kind of content. INK is also one of the world’s most favored content agencies’ references. You can use AI content marketing without endangering your brand in this way. It is possible to create content and graphics ten times faster with SEO and UX/UIK.

You can write content more quickly and perform SEO optimization because of this platform. You can also produce images that are intended to boost user interaction. For individuals who wish to expedite the process of producing SEO-compatible content, this is a great choice.

Is it possible to do successful SEO using AI?

Using both on-site and off-site actions, search engine optimization (SEO) is a service that manages the health of your website and makes you visible in search results. Finding website problems and effectively implementing improvement measures are essential for the lengthy process of search engine optimization to be successful. Is it therefore possible to treat places governed by the human mind more effectively?

The typical SEO procedure is taken to a new level by the artificial intelligence that arises at the moment this inquiry is posed. The skills of digital intelligence are of a kind that will rival human. It is also possible to use artificial intelligence that writes, makes calculations, draws pictures, and creates code for SEO service.

The activity exhibited by the digital intelligence that uses the data on the Internet and is trained with the relevant data is suitable for the purpose for which it was designed. Some algorithms are created only for writing, while others are created for calculating. Therefore, there is no reason why an artificial intelligence whose algorithms are prepared for search engine optimization should not perform this action.

AI and WordPress SEO compatibility

But can intelligence, which consists only of data, lacks analytical thinking skills, and does not understand human thought, be of service in the long term? This question, which is a controversial point, raises doubts about digital intelligence. The biggest doubt about artificial intelligence is whether ‘human’ will remain behind this digital intelligence. According to most people, the fact that the intelligence formed by a person gets in front of him carries the possibility of upsetting all balances. But when you think about it, ’artificial’ intelligence has already become a part of life.

This intelligence, which is evaluated whether it will be used for SEO services, is a very close relative to the digital domain it will control. Search engines are also digital intelligence products that consist of algorithms, renew themselves, and operate according to certain rules. Just like a parent supervising their child, artificial intelligences have the opportunity to control each other.

Will the optimization process of digital intelligence, which acquires the ability to analyze and report every movement within the search engine, be successful? A system that never gets tired and produces continuously. It is certain that it will be successful, but the value of this success and how permanent it will be is a mystery.

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