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What is the Best Way to Create Contents by AI for WordPress?

Artificial intelligence applications have increasingly become a part of our lives. This content, titled “What is the Best Way to Create Contents by AI for WordPress,” is prepared as a guide exclusively for WordPress-based sites. However, it’s important to note that the best content is original content. If you’re struggling to produce original content, utilizing […]
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Artificial intelligence applications have increasingly become a part of our lives. This content, titled “What is the Best Way to Create Contents by AI for WordPress,” is prepared as a guide exclusively for WordPress-based sites. However, it’s important to note that the best content is original content. If you’re struggling to produce original content, utilizing artificial intelligence applications can be beneficial. Artificial intelligence has been around for a while and is now used in almost every field. As a result, machine learning and artificial intelligence have recently become the most discussed and researched topics. Especially now, as we begin to frequently encounter content produced by artificial intelligence, we are witnessing machines create high-quality content akin to humans.

What is AI?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the name given to systems or machines that collect information by imitating human intelligence in order to perform assigned tasks and gradually improve this information. Artificial intelligence can have multiple areas. Artificial intelligence is used to improve machines, answer questions, capture critical information, and fill in data automatically. 

Content Creation with AI

Artificial intelligence has recently been used for content production purposes as well. In this way, contents are produced by machines without human labor. There is a high probability that you have read these contents while researching on web pages without realizing it at all. The use of artificial intelligence for content production aims to reduce both costs and workload. Content helps you connect with customers, gain potential customers. In order for these contents to be of high quality, it is necessary to work with the right and professional content producers. But this is not always possible. Producing content can sometimes be very challenging and boring. For these reasons, content produced with the help of artificial intelligence has been frequently talked about and used recently. Especially at this time, when we are starting to see content produced with artificial intelligence frequently, we are witnessing that machines produce high-quality content just like humans.

How is Content Creation Done with AI?

Natural Language Processing (NLP), a branch of artificial intelligence, is used for content production, that is, Natural Language Processing. NLP puts its algorithms into operation to understand and process human language. By deconstructing the language into short pieces, it understands the relationship between the parts, discovers how the parts work together to create meaning, and creates a text or sound. Technologies such as Text to Speech also use this artificial intelligence application. NLP consists of systems that can make sense of the text, subject classification and grammar control.

There are two components of natural language processing technology. These; It is known as Natural Language Understanding (Natural Language Understanding) and Natural Language Generation (Natural Language Generation). Artificial intelligence ensures that the content is aimed at users. For this purpose, it conducts preliminary research with its algorithms and works towards creating values that can reach users. One of the best examples of content production with artificial intelligence is the artificial intelligence module named GPT-3. It processes the language in a natural way using NLP technology and produces content. GPT-3, produced by the OpenAI Company, is currently producing content for many companies.

WordPress AI Assistant

Publishing and blogging website WordPress is integrating the Jetpack artificial intelligence plugin to make writing easier. Jetpack is supported by OpenAI to create professional content with artificial intelligence. With the integration, it allows authors to check for typos without leaving the site.

In addition, it can present new ideas for users who are stuck in the idea generation phase in a prepared blog post; it can fill in fields such as title and abstract. In addition, it can translate the drafts prepared by users who do not write in their native language into the desired language. French Chinese Spanish Korean Hindi, French, Chinese, Spanish and Deco languages are some of the languages offered by the plugin.

The jetpack is currently available for free for the first 20 questions. After that, he expects a pay of $ 10 per month. The use of artificial intelligence in the creative industry is not new. WordPress’ new artificial intelligence plugin also brings to mind the writers’ strike in Hollywood. Years later, the writers who went on strike demanded that the producers not use artificial intelligence systems during the negotiations, and it was stated that these demands could not be accepted as long-term.

Is WordPress Content Production with AI Useful?

Clearly, many websites are adopting this approach. Initially, content was produced with some WordPress plugins, but deficiencies were observed, and the rechecking of content prepared with artificial intelligence became important. Thus, even if you produce WordPress content with artificial intelligence, you may need to manually check and correct possible errors, as no algorithm yet performs these checks. The success of the relationship between artificial intelligence and WordPress varies, of course, depending on the content and website prepared. But in general, it is possible to say that this is useful. Google has started to take precautions in this regard and has begun not ranking websites created with artificial intelligence as highly. Regardless of the technique used, the best option is always original content production.

Advantages of Creating Content in WordPress with AI

  • Time Efficiency: Creating content with artificial intelligence saves time. It is almost impossible for a person to reveal hundreds of content per day. But an artificial intelligence can reveal hundreds of contents in a very short period of time.
  • Cost Reduction: Companies need copywriters or content producers to produce content. These are also paid jobs. Artificial intelligence technology also eliminates these fees that are payable. But artificial intelligence is not yet equipped to use all the competencies of human language. For this reason, the contents are not realized in a free-flowing way. When this is the case, these contents seem to be an experiment. In other words, human authors are still needed to complete the content.
  • Consumer Behavior Analysis: Artificial intelligence produces content by analyzing consumer behavior. It makes predictions about user responses. It strengthens the ability to win new customers and the bond between them and customers.
  • Up-to-date and Creative Content: The content should be up-to-date and creative. Artificial intelligence provides exactly this. The contents are produced both quickly and are up-to-date and creative.
  • Personalized Content Production: Since artificial intelligence can control the data belonging to humans, it produces content by processing this data. In other words, it can obtain data on whether a person is vegan or vegetarian, what he watches or eats when he is alone. In this way, it also organizes the contents accordingly.

Disadvantages of Creating WordPress Content with AI

  • Repetitive Content: Some content may be repeated too much.
  • Detection by Search Engines: It can be detected by search engines that this content was prepared with artificial intelligence. This situation is a disadvantage for you.
  • Similar Subheadings: Most of the time, subheadings can be written the same. This causes a lot of repetition in the content.

The Best and Most Reliable AI Content Creation Plugin: AiBud

AI-based plugins offer a great solution for those looking to accelerate the content creation process and enhance its quality. Among these plugins, AiBud stands out for its ease of use and reliability.

Features of AiBud

AiBud is an advanced AI plugin that enables users to create content more effectively and quickly. It supports a wide range of content from text-based articles to visual and video content. Some of AiBud’s notable features include:

  • Text Generation: Creation of various content formats such as blog posts, social media posts, and advertising texts.
  • Language Support: Ability to produce content in multiple languages.
  • SEO Optimization: Integration with SEO tools to improve ranking in search engines.
  • User-Friendly Interface: An understandable and easy interface for users of all levels.

Advantages of Content Production with AiBud

Using AiBud for content production offers several advantages:

  • Time Savings: Significant time savings in the content production process due to AI-based automation.
  • Quality Improvement: AI reduces grammatical errors and enhances writing quality.
  • SEO Compatibility: AiBud helps optimize your content for SEO, leading to better search engine rankings.
  • Scalability: Ability to easily manage different types and amounts of content.

Is AI Content Useful for WordPress SEO?

Content produced with artificial intelligence in WordPress improves SEO organic performance. But artificial intelligence alone is not enough, human writers also need to be used for fluency and contexts. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) compatible content is of great importance for search engines. Using of search engine optimization (SEO) compatible content is of great importance for search engines. If a content is not SEO compatible, it falls back in the search engines and traffic. In order for a content to be SEO compatible, it must adhere to keywords, be readable, and be user-friendly and original. Copied content is noticed by the algorithm and this negatively affects SEO work. The information must be sufficient and necessary. 

If the titles and content are different from each other, this leads to a negative result. Only the necessary information should be included. It is also extremely important to pay attention to the spelling rules. From this point of view, content produced with artificial intelligence is positive in terms of SEO performance. Because artificial intelligence reveals a completely original content, it pays attention to spelling rules. The texts do not contain any logical meaninglessness. The sentences become extremely understandable. 

It is one of the biggest mistakes to think of artificial intelligence as a robot that will replace humans. Artificial intelligence should be considered as a collaborator, not as a competitor. While artificial intelligence does all the necessary scanning, authors can also improve SEO performance with a good collaboration by creating a fictional story. 

Keywords and backlinks are of great importance for SEO studies. Especially in the current period we are in, while the ranking competition is increasing more and more, it is becoming difficult to create content. Artificial intelligence is right here, discovering relevant keywords and backlinks, thereby improving SEO organic performance. It allows the contents to appear at the top.


Utilizing AI for WordPress content creation is effective for now, but future technological developments may change this landscape. Enjoy the benefits while they are available. This guide titled “What is the Best Way to Create Contents by AI for WordPress” aims to provide you with insights into this topic.

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